(Small application I've made)

Coffee Maker Are you up for it? computer CAN make coffee! It can work from the console if you like, but i've included a visual interface written in Visual Basic 6.0
ATM simulation A real distributed application written in VB 6.0
Schedule to Shut down or reboot Windows(R) This will work only for MS Windows 9x .
Split - Restore files Use Java to split and then restore any file!.
Executable File Joiner It can also work from the command line, but if you like a visual interface I've include it. This program will join two executable files in order to create a new one.
Eortologio A database that contains the Greek namedays.
Decimal IPv4 A simple converter for/from IPs v4 to Decimal format.
Check University's Network v2.1 LAN chat using a batch file! Useful for University's Network
PC Destroyer Delete files or a directory under Windows(R) - No confirmation required
Universal Plug n Play Disable UPnP service under Windows(R) (not mine but very useful though)
Backup a file BackUp any file you want every n minute(s)
clock v1.0 Just a clock, nothing more.
IP tables A firewall structure using IP tables to be configured as you like for your system. Examples included.

Winamp skins for versions 3.x and 5.x ( and University of Glamorgan)
Radio Station application Radio Station Application with Alarm Clock, Audio Recorder and other features. All Greek Radio Stations broadcasting from Athens and Thessaloniki