(My large scale projects)

Except as permitted under the "GNU General public license", no part of the projects may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without complying with the rules described in the GNU General public license.

General Public License

Remote Control of a Camera's Movement
At ETHNODATA as final year project I had to design and implement an application that controls the movement of a web camera remotely. The project included the implementation of the electronic circuit. Grade 100 / 100
You can find here the source code, pictures and the cirquit that was designed for the project.

University Module Database
At my second year in University of Glamorgan I had to design and implement the University’s Module Database. The project introduced an easier way to manipulate modules. Grade A2
Download the application UMD G SoC and the instractions of how to install it.

Linux Device Drivers
As my final year project I had to implement a device driver for an ISA Input/Output card in Linux OS (written in ANSI C). An application (also written in C) was the interface for the user to send and receive values from/to the card. Grade B2
Download the Linux Device Drivers source code for the ISA I/O 48 Bit labcard PCL-731 and the project's documentation. You can also find the labcard's manual guide.

Administrative tool for Smartphones over GPRS
Currently, I am working on a tool for smartphones running Symbian OS using ANSI C. The tool will enable the user to receive security alerts from another computer that uses AT commands. The application will provide an easy way to control computer infrastructures over GPRS. Also, a port scanning functionality will be embedded to help the user reveal security holes. View here a hypothetical use of the smartphone containing the tool. You can research in depth the above idea by reading the project's proposal.

A PC case (linux Box) made of fiber glass
A completely "custom made" PC case to be used as a file server. The case is made by blue fiber glass. The case contains a clever custom made way to keep the dust out and the box cold! You can find here pictures of the case. This page will be updated constantly until the day the project is completed.

A visual representation tool for Intrusion Detection System's data (IDS data)
The main of this MSc project is about researching and developing a series of tools that will allow a security analyst to request, retrieve, visualize and in general terms interact with IDS data stored in a single database schema. The database contains complex digital evidence (which have first been passed through a unification process) from heterogeneous sensors residing across a network. The implementation is based on the distributed approach using XML as a transaction mechanism. Download the MSc Thesis (The Thesis is a proof of concept and it has been submitted at the University of Glamorgan, UK. Any unauthorised use of the Thesis will be considered as plagiarism by the University's Computing Department.)