(Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - 2nd edition)

My leisure interests are Travels, Cinema, Chess, Scuba Diving, Music & AD&D sessions. ADnD is my favourite game. I've played 3rd edition but I prefer the 2nd edition.

Characters I've created so far:

  • Hal Oustouren - Rogue - Male - Human - 7th Level *

  • ElfMaya Kalypso - Rogue - Female - HalfElf - 4th Level

  • Hamble Odi - Illusionist - Male - HalfElf - 3rd Level

I have also made an application using Visual Basic 6 for rolling dices. I prefer
real dices but in case you like it, you may use it as you choose. Press the relative
keys from your keyboard for a few seconds and then release it, this will produce
a far more random resault for your dice roll. ..enjoy! download

Character Sheets: 2nd Edition | 3rd Edition      ADnD Wallpaper: 1024 x 768

Hal Oustouren

ElfMaya Kalypso

Hamble Odi
* (known as Gaius Blyth at Dagger Falls)